Sunday, December 22, 2013


Christmas festivities in Bremen are centered around the historic Marktplatz (Market Square) in the very heart of the city. Here you will find Bremen's major attractions.

St. Petri Dom (St. Peter's Cathedral) is the biggest church in Bremen. It is a Protestant/Lutheran church from the early 13th century. St. Petri is built in the early Gothic style and its two towers still dominate the city skyline. You can climb one of the towers for a spectacular view of the city.

Next to the St. Petri Dom, you will find Haus der Bürgerschaft which houses Bremen's State Parliament or Regional Assembly. The building was designed in 1966 by architect Wassili Luckhardt.

View of St. Petri Dom and Haus der Bürgerschaft in Bremen, Germany.
St. Petri Dom and Haus der Bürgerschaft in Bremen's Marktplatz.

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