Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

Picture of the harbor of the coastal town of Balchik in northeastern Bulgaria.
The harbor in Balchik, Bulgaria.

Black Sea

This is the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The pictures were shot in Krapetz, Northern Bulgaria. Krapetz is a small village with little more than 200 inhabitants. There is a wide, sandy beach nearby. A local entrepreneur has also built a hotel in the village center a couple of years ago. However, mass tourism has not reached this part of Bulgaria and the village has preserved its pristine character and looks so far.

Picture of the Black Sea in the small village of Krapetz in northeastern Bulgaria.

Varna Airport, Bulgaria

The current (old) terminal of Varna Airport seen from the runway. Fraport, the airport operator, is currently constructing a new terminal next to the old one. The new terminal is expected to open later in the summer of 2013.

Picture of the old passenger terminal of Varna International Airport in Varna, Bulgaria.
Varna Airport - Varna,Bulgaria. 25 June 2013.

Austria From Above

View from above: the Danube river at Vienna.

Picture of the Danube river, seen from an Austrian Airlines Fokker 100.

High Above the Clouds

I always go for a window seat when flying. It is a great opportunity to take heavenlike pictures of the clouds especially if the weather is nice. I shot the following pictures with my iPhone on board of Austrian Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Varna (Bulgaria) via Vienna.

Picture of intense blue sky and white cotton like clouds.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Phoenician Marine Wall - Batroun, Lebanon

The ancient maritime wall built by the phoenicians in Batroun, Lebanon.
The Phoenician Wall in Batroun.
 Batroun is a charming small town in north Lebanon. The town lies on the coast, some 50 km to the north of Beirut.

The major thing to see in Batroun is the maritime wall which was built by the ancient Phoenicians to protect them against sea storms and invaders.

Zaitunay Bay - Beirut, Lebanon

Picture of Zaitunay Bay in Beirut, Lebanon.
Zaitunay Bay - Beirut, Lebanon.
  Dusk falling down over Zaitunay bay in the center of the Lebanese capital Beirut. Some quite fancy yachts out there!