Monday, December 16, 2013

Kerst in Groningen

Groningen Centraal Station. Kerst 2013.
Centraal Station Groningen / Groningen Railway Station.
Kerst 2013 in Groningen

Christmas 2013 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Christmas tree with hundreds of led lights decorates the central hall of the railway station in Groningen.

Christmas tree in the railway station in Groningen.

Also this year NS (the Dutch Railways) have done their best to decorate the main station platform.

Another Christmas tree and view of the Groninger Museum. During the Christmas holidays the Groninger Museum organizes various activities in addition to the regular exhibitions.

Picture of the Groninger Museum. Christmas 2013.

Groningen Centraal Station / Groningen Central Station at night.

Groningen Centraal Station. Christmas 2013.

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