Monday, October 14, 2013

Polenta Bergamo

Image of polenta cakes in a shop window in Bergamo, Italy.
Polenta cakes in a shop window. Bergamo, Italy.
One of the local specialties, you should definitely try in Bergamo, is polenta e osei.

Polenta e Osei is Bergamo's signature cake. It is a yellow mound-shaped cake topped with sweet marzipan and chocolate birds.

You will find polenta cakes of various sizes in virtually every Bergamo bakery! The polenta cake is a century-old tradition. It is said to have been invented in the kitchens of Pasticceria Balzer, just minutes away from Teatro Donizetti.

Image of polenta cake. Bergamo, Italy.
Bergamo's Signature Cake

Polenta, the traditional way, in Bar Botticelli in the old town of Bergamo (Citta Alta).

Image of polenta with cheese. Bergamo, Italy.
Polenta with cheese. Bergamo, Italy.

You can make your own Polenta e Osei cakes. Click here for a traditional Bergamo Polenta e Osei recipe.

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