Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In the Shop Windows of Bergamo

Image of cute panda biscuits in a bakery. Bergamo, Italy.
Cute panda biscuits in a Bergamo bakery.
Seen in the shop windows in Bergamo, Italy.

Image of accessories, handmade in Italy. Shop in the old town in Bergamo, Italy.
Accessories ... handmade in Italy. A small shop in Bergamo's Citta Alta (Old Town).

Image of pizza in a Bergamo bakery.
Lots of pizza.

Picture of pizza in a Bergamo bakery.
More pizza.

Image of a wine shop in Citta Alta. Bergamo, Italy.
Wine shop in the old town (Citta Alta).

Image of Hello Kitty biscuits. Bergamo, Italy.
Hello Kitty biscuits.

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