Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Murano Glass

Murano, Italy: the art of Venetian glassmaking.

If you are staying in Venice for a couple of days, make sure to visit the small island of Murano. Murano lies in the Venetian lagoon, about 1.5 km (or 0.9 miles) north of Venice. The island is extremely easy to reach from Venice by vaporetto, Italian for waterbus.

In the late 13th century, the Venetian Republic moved glassmaking to the island of Murano in order to prevent fires and the destruction of buildings (mostly wooden at the time) in the city of Venice. Murano quickly gained its reputation as a center of glassmaking. To the present day, Murano is associated with Venetian glass and tourists can visit a demonstration in one of Murano's glassfactories.

Glassfactory in Murano, Italy.
Murano, Venezia 2014.

Nowadays, the glassfactories in Murano are more of a tourist attraction. This entrance is a real eye catcher! It is decorated with flowers, handmade of colored glass.

Beautifully decorated glassfactory in Murano, Venezia.
Beautifully decorated glassfactory in Murano, Venezia. 2014.

Most of the glassfactories in Murano offer demonstrations to the crowds of tourists. These are free but expect to be rushed to the factory gift shop afterwards! However, buying something is optional.

Glassfactory in Murano, Venezia.
Glassmaking demo in Murano, Venezia.

Glass is everywhere in Murano, There are many glass works of art around the town. This glass statue in Bressagio Street is designed by the Italian glass artist Denise Gemin.

Glass sculpture Vitae by Denise Gemin, Murano, Venice, Venetia, Italy.
Glass sculpture Vitae by Denise Gemin, Murano, Venice, Venezia, Italy.

Colorful glass flowers in Calle Briati, Murano.

Calle Briati in Murano, Italy.
Calle Briati. Murano, Venezia, Italy, 2014.

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